Summary Edit

This page details how to build & flash the Alpha Pentax K30 firmware modification. It also says how to build and run the test programs. Read the whole of this page before attempting any steps!

Building Edit


  • A Windows machine.
  • .NET 4.5 Framework


  • Install a GIT client (
  • Clone the repository at make sure you clone the Develop branch
  • Download the K30 1.05 firmware. It is exceptionally important that you ONLY use version 1.05. Anything else is likely to brick your camera.
  • Decrypt the firmware with the tool in the 'PHDK\Tools' directory. Run FirmwareTools.exe  -in=fwdc215b.bin -out=decrypted.bin -d
  • The decryption process will create a file called decrypted.bin. The MD5 sum of the firmware MUST be 0afe2524251009b97639316edfe1c410
  • Place the decrypted firmware in PHDK\firmware\K30\1.05. Make sure it is called decrypted.bin
  • Run PHDK\build-scripts\Windows\k30_patch_PHDK_loader.bat. This will build a custom ROM image with PHDK support, encrypted it and make it ready to flash.
  • Copy PHDK\release\loader\fwdc215b.bin to the root of the SD card
  • At the time i'm writing this the loaded firmware has an MD5 of 21cf8b90377782b967942962eb5da172. This will likely change in the future.

Flashing Edit

If you've never flashed your camera's firmware before. DO NOT START WITH PHDK. Turn back now.


  • Use a fully charged battery
  • Put the SD card with the custom firmware into the camera and turn on
  • Follow the instructions in the manual and flash the firmware as normal.
  • The camera will turn off, this is expected. Turn it on.
  • The special PHDK firmware is not in use but not activated.

Enabling Edit

PHDK makes use of the hidden software debug mode. You need to turn this on with either pktether or a special file on your SD card.

TODO turning on SW debug mode

Running test programs Edit

A PHDK program is a special binary file build from the PHDK source. It is called phdk.bin and lives in the root of the SD card.

These programs can be build with the appropriate build script in PHDK\build-scripts\Windows.

Two programs current exist.

  • PHDK (k30_PHDK.bat). This is actually a test app which responds to key presses and puts text on screen.
  • Memdump (k30_PHDK-Memdump.bat). This perfoms a memory dump, storing in in SD\DUMPX.bin.

The phdk.bin file produced by the above can be found in the appropriate directory under PHDK\release.